Desk : There is no need to tell how popular Honda’s popular scooter Honda Activa is among the customers. If you want to buy any new scooter, Activa is the first thing that comes to your mind, but if you are also finding the price of Activa high and you feel that this scooter is out of your budget, then don’t be disappointed.

Today we will tell you how you can buy Honda Activa for just Rs 21,500, seeing the price it is obvious that you will not get a new scooter at this price, we will talk about second hand in this article About Activa Scooter. Let us give you the necessary details related to this scooter.

How much has this scooter run?

Now this question must be roaming in your mind that how much this old Activa scooter has been ridden till now, according to the information given on Droom, this scooter has been ridden up to 18150 Km.

The second biggest question that will be running in your mind is that what year is the model of this scooter, let us tell you that the 2010 registration model of this scooter is available for sale. As we know that a petrol vehicle can be run for a total of 15 years, so even now you can run this scooter for another 3 years if you buy it.

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